Ashford adult school

They will be students with the courses and summer season workshops Ashford adult school, any person interested, of age, with no any other restriction or limitation. All courses and workshops are in person.

Ashford  adult school

The courses taught from adult school in Ashford are aimed at seniors searching for an intellectual activity in a way completed, staying active intellectually enriching a certain know-how and, ultimately, activities that facilitate and assist their private and intellectual development.

In the adult school in Ashford language courses are taught by levels and on one hand, the theoretical structures of language (grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary) are learned and alternatively, put into practice the linguistic skills (listening, reading, write, speak and interact).

The objective on the Ashford adult education in secondary education should be to obtain and update simple training of adults to acquire the Certificate in Secondary Education.

The criteria applied within the Ashford adult education is primarily based on a criterion applicable to other educational fields: the permanent and continuous education, through which anyone is inserted into a method of finding out and recycling of information to all through his life.

The Ashford adult school has often catered towards the diverse demands with the adult population inside the educational and cultural field, functioning with all these associations, organizations, Municipal Library, etc ..., whose projects promote the cultural improvement of their students.

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