Gravesend adult school

Family responsibilities can never come in your way if you are determined to achieve that degree even after getting married as adult school in Gravesend is now at your disposal.

Within the adult school in Gravesend language courses are taught by levels and on one hand, the theoretical structures of language (grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary) are learned and however, place into practice the linguistic expertise (listening, reading, create, speak and interact).

The Gravesend adult school has normally catered for the diverse demands from the adult population within the educational and cultural field, working with all those associations, organizations, Municipal Library, and so forth ..., whose projects promote the cultural improvement of their students.

Gravesend  adult school

The initial language course taught inside the Gravesend adult education develops from a book designed for teaching foreign languages to adults and also via activities aimed at acquiring the necessary skills to communicate.

In the language courses Gravesend adult school introduced the students for the fundamental structures of language in theory and mostly practical, deepening each and every day in the expertise and practice in the five expertise: listening, speaking, interacting, writing and study.

Gravesend adult education promotes diverse activities, courses and conferences associated with languages, science, culture and humanities as a way to collaborate with their students in the pursuit of excellence and contribute towards the transfer of know-how to society.

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