Kettering adult school

They could be students of the courses and summer workshops Kettering adult school, any person interested, of age, with out any other restriction or limitation. All courses and workshops are in individual.

At the start from the course within the school of older you are able to make a written test and an interview with each student / a, in order that the teaching employees can set the level at which it really is surely enroll absolutely everyone.

Initial Kettering adult education courses are aimed at adults wishing to acquire literacy and numeracy abilities that should facilitate language comprehension and math enough to meet the desires that arise in daily life, and to know the reality their environment, and possess the background needed for every level.

Kettering  adult school

Adult school in Kettering responds to a growing social demand generated by enhanced life expectancy and the tendency, ever much more widely in this sizeable group, to devote free of charge time in their education.

The criteria applied inside the Kettering adult education is based on a criterion applicable to other educational fields: the permanent and continuous education, through which anyone is inserted into a approach of finding out and recycling of understanding to all through his life.

The primary objective on the Kettering adult school is overcoming social inequalities and promote full inclusion of individuals with no academic or untrained in recent fields (including workplace) titles, for that these deficiencies usually do not impede their work and social relations improvement .

Kettering adult school


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