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The criteria applied within the Kirkcaldy adult education is based on a criterion applicable to other educational fields: the permanent and continuous training, through which any one is inserted into a course of action of understanding and recycling of expertise to all through his life.

The objective on the very first cycle in the adult school in Kirkcaldy would be to equip people together with the understanding, skills, abilities and strategies required to facilitate their private, social and profession development, at the same time as continuity in other training processes.

Kirkcaldy adult school also provides a training offer you in collaboration with other organizations, firms and prestigious pros and may be of interest for further instruction of certain specialist groups.

Kirkcaldy  adult school

Initial Kirkcaldy adult education courses are aimed at adults wishing to acquire literacy and numeracy skills that should facilitate language comprehension and math enough to meet the requirements that arise in everyday life, and to know the reality their environment, and possess the background required for every level.

The adult school in Kirkcaldy is developed in an effort to give a opportunity to those who, just after the end of their functioning life or other situations, want to access instruction and general culture by delivering a space for cultural, social debate and scientific, and providing an ideal framework of intergenerational coexistence.

In the language courses Kirkcaldy adult school introduced the students to the basic structures of language in theory and mainly practical, deepening each and every day in the know-how and practice on the five expertise: listening, speaking, interacting, writing and study.

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