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The criteria applied in the Salford adult education is based on a criterion applicable to other educational fields: the permanent and continuous education, via which any individual is inserted into a procedure of finding out and recycling of understanding to throughout his life.

Within the adult school in Salford language courses are taught by levels and on a single hand, the theoretical structures of language (grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary) are learned and however, put into practice the linguistic skills (listening, reading, write, speak and interact).

The adult school in Salford is made to be able to give a opportunity to people who, after the finish of their working life or other circumstances, want to access coaching and general culture by delivering a space for cultural, social debate and scientific, and supplying a perfect framework of intergenerational coexistence.

In addition towards the standard teachings, the Salford adult school also delivers other lessons for the design itself adults, patterns and Coaching for Employment Promotion and Extension Education.

Salford  adult school

Salford adult school gives several applications to give adults and students of higher college age who've left school a second chance to obtain a diploma.

The objective of the Salford adult education in secondary education will be to acquire and update basic training of adults to acquire the Certificate in Secondary Education.

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